The "troopers" of Georgia Motor Escort are trained and certified motorcycle traffic officers—polite, proper, proficient, and professional—dedicated to providing distinguished and dependable service to your family.

GME Officers perform hundreds of funeral escort services every year, being requested by families and employed by funeral homes from all over metro Atlanta.

Our business is traffic safety, and we take that business seriously. Traffic matters in metro Atlanta present funeral processions, in particular, with exceptional and often unpredictable challenges. High traffic volume, greater technological distractions, careless drivers, and sometimes even bad attitudes all contribute to dangerous road conditions for a funeral procession, even one going only a short distance.

Let us help provide peace of mind and safety for you by adding increased visibility and traffic control along the way.


Georgia Motor Escort, Inc. specializes in funeral escorts. GME officers are trained in emergency traffic control. Our goal is to assist you in getting to your destination in a safe and orderly manner with the least amount of concern and inconvenience.

The State of Georgia has established law concerning how traffic is to react to a funeral procession.

Under Title 40, Section 40-6-76 provides that funeral processions have the right of way at intersections (except for yielding to an emergency vehicle or a traffic officer), that no vehicle shall interrrupt a funeral procession, that no vehicle may "join" a procession to secure right of way, and that no vehicle shall pass a procession on a two-lane highway.

GME Officers operate under and enforce this Georgia code for your safety. You can look up the Georgia code here.



Vance A. Taylor - 2014

Anyone who escorts funerals on motors has my deepest respect!!!

Billy Hunt - 2014

They know what they're doing and they do it well!

Russell Green - 2013

Just rode with these guys along with a group of Faith Riders. Very skilled and professional. It was a pleasure riding with them and even more of a pleasure watching them maneuver and conduct traffic! If you ever need an escort this is the team you want!



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